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About Karl Wiebe


I call Calgary, Alberta, Canada home.  Although I was born in Toronto, I grew up in Calgary in the 1980s.  I won a couple of creative writing contests in junior high and realized that I really enjoy writing.  I also strive to be funny.  This comes in handy when I see people laughing and pointing at me—hey, they must know I'm a writer!  (That's what I am going to tell myself anyway.)  My family and friends have been huge supporters of my writing over the years and I truly appreciate their support!  

What Have I Written?

I wrote my first novel called Horizons in 2001.  It was a lot of work.  Starting a novel is easy, but actually writing the whole thing is definitely a labour of love.  There are many other, more exciting things to do, such as playing sports, spending time with loved ones, or staring at the wall.  I enjoy writing non-fiction as well; in 2003 I wrote "This Is Not A Hoax", a book about internet urban legends.  In 2004 I wrote "Truth On Trial", which is a series of essays about the paranormal, questions about life and death, and profiles of people who believe some less-than-popular held beliefs.  

I have written over 100 articles for the Calgary Flames and Calgary Hitmen for their gameday magazines & website.  I have also written articles for other websites covering a wide range of subjects, from concert reviews to money & investing.  

Recently I have written a humour book called Dealing With Idiots: Everyday Inspiration For Putting Up With People.  A also wrote a humour novel called First And Life: My Year As A High School Football Player.

What Do I Do Besides Write?

I live close to the Rocky Mountains, so I like to hike at least a few times a year.  (I prefer trails that are well-travelled by slow walkers so the chances of being eaten by grizzly bears are low.)  I recently bought a house, so many hours have been spent doing renovations and yard work instead of spending quality time with friends and family.   





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