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Some days you just can't escape them—people driving like maniacs while sporting a "Baby On Board" sign.  What am I supposed to do, run a red light so I can catch up to them and congratulate the maniac on reproducing?  Once you get to work, the weirdness continues—am I last remaining human being who understands how a flush toilet works?  Have we all agreed to "show off our work" and I didn't get the memo?  After work, you head to the supermarket, but the guy in front of you has way too many items for the express checkout.  Is his last name "Superstore"?  Because if he owns the chain, then maybe, just maybe, he would be allowed to break the rules and buy those extra 12 cans of tomato sauce. 

Inspirational and funny, these short essays will bring tears to your eyes if you read this book while chopping onions or maybe have someone blow smoke in your face.  It's the perfect gift for someone who is old and grumpy—and also for the old and grumpy at heart. 

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